A Simple Career Page Update any Employer (Civilian or Government) Can Make to Attract Military Veterans to Apply

I am counting down to the magic date of March 9, 2010.  What is so special about March 9th?  According to the Presidential Executive Order 13518 “Employment of Veterans in the Federal Government” that is the date by which each Federal agency must establish a Veterans Employment Program Office (VEPO).   The VEPO is required to […]

Creative Ways to Recruit Veterans to Your Workforce Part 3: Management Trainee Programs

In this series of blogs I am exploring some creative ways for employers to “test drive” veterans before hiring military and for veterans to explore civilian careers.  The first blog addressed internships.  The second blog covered on-the-job-training programs. This blog reviews Management Trainee Programs. If you are not familiar with management trainee programs (MTPs), most […]