Why JMOs for leadership / management positions?

Here’s another recent client question: I was asked why Junior Military Officers (JMOs) are better prepared than their civilian contemporaries for leadership positions in the private sector. This was easy to explain – JMOs have not only supervised individuals ranging from their teens to their 40s but they have written and delivered annual performance evaluations. […]

Why “on-base” military job fairs?

Hi, I’m Marla Smith.  In my “day job”, I help employers connect with military job seekers, so I hope I can answer some questions here as well as the other contributors. A recruiter asked me this week, “Why should I focus more attention on military job fairs that take place on the military installations as […]

A question about government paid relocation

Hi, I’m Mo Stern and I’m new to the blog but excited to be posting here. I’ve been helping companies recruit military since the mid ’90s, so hopefully I along with Lisa can answer some of your questions. For instance, this week a company asked me if there was a “catch” to the relocation benefits […]