Save on Relocation Costs

According to a 2008 Harvey Research Reader Preference Study, SHRM’s HR Magazine subscribers have an average annual budget of $320,000 for relocation products and services. As readers of this blog know, those HR practitioners could make some points with their managers by saving some of that budget via hiring transitioning military, many of whom will […]

Military Taps Social Networking Skills

For any employer seeking to hire military, here is a great NYTimes article regarding how the Millennials’ use of social networking is being utilized and enhanced by the military. Also mentioned in the article is how the military is continuing to flatten their management structure and push even more decision-making down the chain, providing great […]

“The Unemployed Need Not Apply” – Why Companies with That Attitude are Hurting Veterans

There was huge buzz earlier this week around an article in the Huffington Post entitled “Disturbing Job Ads: ‘The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered’”.  Apparently there are companies out there (and not just small employers, but some big names as well) that have decided it is easier to filter out potential applicants by using that […]

Why Tomorrow’s Best Business Intelligence Analyst / Specialist is Currently Wearing Camouflage, Covered in Sand and Toting a Rifle

When I talk to employers about the business benefit of hiring military veterans as part of their talent acquisition strategy, it’s a pretty easy sell, especially when I describe service members who have engineering, management, technician, human resources, healthcare, IT or security skills.  The one group that most employers think has little relevance to what […]