How to increase your talent pool and save money by hiring transitioning military

When your company needs talent, you may limit your search to a 40 or 50 mile radius from the hiring location. Relocating new employees is extremely expensive and usually not an option for many of the non-management positions. However, if you considered transitioning military candidates, your reach could be coast to coast. Here’s why: When […]

Military and Diversity

The Military History of African Americans predates the history of America considering their role in the American Revolution. The U.S. military has long understood the value of diversity. As such, they are on the leading edge of a diversity and inclusion culture. The men and women I meet during their transition see past differences in […]

Corporate Recruiters: Identifying the Gatekeeper for Hiring Veterans

After sourcing very qualified candidates, your hiring manager is presented with what you believe to be the ideal “fit” for the job! Your candidate is a Veteran and has 10 years of progressive leadership training, technical and interpersonal skills matching that of your hiring manager. The hiring manager is not a Veteran and has little […]

Five steps to hiring top military technicians

A military-experienced candidate’s MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) will give your hiring team a generic description of their career field. It will not tell you how it translates to your specific technology or application. Transferable skills are how we in the military recruiting industry make the fit. Here are five steps regarding to how to assess this: 1). Identify your […]

What do top service companies know? (Hint: It has something to do with military-experienced technicians)

Military-experienced technicians are top performers in their field. It’s 5:15pm on a Friday and your best customer calls. Your system is down and they need it back up now. If you are one of my clients, you are in great shape. Because you have hired a military-experienced technician. The fact that it is Friday at 5:15, when […]

Five tips for a winning site visit with a military candidate

Top military candidates are in high demand, even in recessions and especially in recoveries. Here are 5 tips from one of my top clients regarding how they put on a first class site visit. 1. Assign a sponsor. Preferably a military-experienced performer who can understand the candidate’s point of view in assessing potential employers. 2. […]