How to improve offer letter efficiency

The title of the third item on Bradley-Morris, Inc.’s Client Best Practices list is “Speed Kills (The Competition)”. However, being quick to close the deal can lose momentum if your process does not allow for getting the written offer letter out promptly. Some candidates are fine with a verbal offer, but more and more are […]

How to leverage a military hiring expert

One of my main hobbies is being out on a boat. As an avid sailor / racer, I am constantly working to increase my knowledge of the sport and the performance of my boat, sails and associated equipment. However, as anyone who has been involved in any type of in-depth endeavor knows, it is impossible […]

How to develop a military hiring plan

More companies than ever are putting a focus on hiring military. This is great news for both industry and for veterans. American industry needs good people, however, if a company doesn’t plan for it, qualified veterans are often missed in the hiring process. With more companies investing time and resources into sourcing and hiring military, […]

How to understand military transition

For service-members, leaving the military is an exciting time but also an anxious experience. For hiring managers, understanding the dynamics of a military transition is critical for success in hiring military. The fundamentals my top clients understand: They know that timing is critical. The candidate is on a time line. Their “out date” will arrive […]