Bradley-Morris, Inc. placements featured in Fortune: “How Amazon learned to love veterans”

Fortune’s recent article, “How Amazon learned to love veterans”, features Dan Fay and Joe Velasquez, Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) placements. Joe is on the trike in this picture: Read the full article here. Companies interested in hiring military via programs like Amazon’s can contact Bradley-Morris, Inc.

Your Job Posting for Military and Hiring Managers

Job postings and the use of keywords are vital to attracting veterans to open positions. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in the corporate realm, especially if there is a high volume of postings, leave little room for modification of the keywords and little creativity. If you are working with an ATS that allows you to edit […]

Passing “tribal knowledge” in the military talent pool

As Baby Boomers retire and leave their careers, “tribal knowledge” in power generation, manufacturing and other technology and science-based industries will leave with them. In their book, Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus; Capturing Knowledge for Gen X and Y Employees , Ken Ball and Gina Gotsill talk about the approaching demographic change and its impact on […]

Ally in the War for Talent

Over the past 5 quarters, I have personally observed that a much more competitive hiring climate for technical and engineering candidates has developed. Increased competition for leadership in production and maintenance is also on the rise. Is the “war for talent” heating up? Dr. John Sullivan recently posted on, The War for Talent is Returning; […]