Conference Magic, a two-way Street

“Conference Magic” is a term we often use to explain the intangible nuances of the Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) ConferenceHire® military hiring event. At the most basic level, the military hiring event serves to connect hiring managers and top military-experienced candidates. Interviews occur and hires result. And while we (rightly) tend to focus on the candidate-and-client connection, there […]

Veteran Skills Not Served By Resumes

The Center for a New American Security recently conducted a survey of more than 60 companies regarding why they do, or do not, hire veterans. Assessing veteran skills was listed as a primary roadblock. I understand. A typical military resume can’t adequately sell a military job seeker to a civilian employer. It’s not until the […]

Free Veteran Hiring

With the focus of the First Lady squarely on helping veterans, the “military recruiting” niche that my company has served for two decades has become increasingly popular. One question sometimes posed is, “With all of the free veteran hiring services, why should we engage a contingency-based service?” This is a great question. I wouldn’t pay […]