Case Study: Your Future with Rowan Companies

Rowan seeks to diversify their workforce by engaging the transitioning military demographic.  See how Bradley-Morris, Inc. assists. The company is expanding operations into the ultra-deep water market in 2013 as they build four new drill ships that house 200 employees apiece creating a need to fill potentially 800 positions. While some positions will be filled […]

Transocean Case Study: Military Service Members Have What It Takes

Transocean enlists Bradley-Morris, Inc. to assist in hiring candidates for their rigorous on and off shore training program. With the pressing effort to hire the 25 individuals from the U.S. for the one-time training program, Transocean called on Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) to assist. Knowing that military service members have what it takes to make it […]

Summer Hiring – Don’t drop the ball

Fireworks, sailing and time at the beach are my favorite summer activities. Getting out and enjoying life is why we do this thing called work. One of the challenges of summer is scheduling interviews around team member vacations. This is where many companies hurt their employer brand by dropping the ball on the hiring process, […]

Hiring Military Candidate Profile: Bobbie Caldwell

This article profiles a military-experienced job seeker, Bobbie Caldwell, who has gone on to a successful career at Dell. Caldwell advises those considering the military-to-civilian transition to carry their unique experience and core competencies into their civilian jobs. Caldwell turned to Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), sometimes classified as military headhunters, to help launch her civilian career. […]

Case Study: BJ PPS Takes Advantage of Bradley-Morris, Inc.’s Access to the Perpetual Military Talent Pool

In this case study for BJ Process and Pipeline Services, Bradley-Morris, Inc. is tasked with providing military candidates that meet their specific service needs. BJ PPS piloted a military recruiting program with BMI and the results were outstanding. As the company has expanded their military recruiting, they have been highly pleased with BMI’s access to […]