How does military experience bridge the skills gap?

The skills gap is one of the most talked about trends in hiring. Talent acquisition professionals are scrambling to find the right candidate in a skills biased market. Are you losing to your business competitors because you can’t find the skills to grow your business? If you’ve considered veterans as a solution, you might ask […]

Military Success Traits – Action

When transitioning from the military, Mike Minogue landed his first job at General Electric by writing a letter to Jack Welch. That’s how a distinguished and decorated Airborne Ranger gets it done. Now, as Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of Abiomed, getting it done includes growing revenue five times and creating over one hundred […]

Military Intangibles – Discipline, Teamwork, Leadership – The Icing or the Cake?

On Veterans Day, a link to an article in “The Atlantic” was posted on some social media sites I follow. Help Veterans by Taking Them Off the Pedestal is an interesting perspective on side-effects from the current national pride in our military. While anyone who served in the Vietnam War might argue on the contrast […]

Talking Military Talent and Leadership with Jeffrey Clark, CEO of Anthony International

Talented leaders in the middle management ranks are the key players in business execution. They’re Jeffrey Clark’s go-to people for helping his team serve their customers. Serving customers well is how Clark rose to CEO and how Anthony International grew from a $30M to a $350M revenue business. Winning in business is about great people […]

Hire better than me? Yes, always – Military A-Players

I’ve found that a racing team and a business team share many dynamics. My sailing program is small but like a small business it offers the opportunity for new team members to quickly become key players. I recruit the top available talent, keep the culture genuine, celebrate victories and seek out every opportunity to help […]

Environmental Health and Safety Skill Mapping For Military

OSHA compliance and safe operation of equipment are shared responsibilities in the military and industry. The Environmental Health and Safety Manager is a great transitional role for service members with a particular skill set. While safety is everyone’s job, not everyone from the military has the skill set industry requires. But those in industry should […]

Be David When Hiring Military

You know David versus Goliath? It’s the story that came to mind recently when a virtually unknown company bested a Fortune 500 giant in hiring a military-experienced superstar. It played out a lot like the story. Goliath relied on the power of their brand. They were slow in their process. They kept the candidate at […]

Tips for Common Sense Interviewing Questions

I have heard my share of interesting interview questions. They run the gamut from the cultural “what kind of tree are you?” to the analytical “how many gas stations are in New Jersey?” I am sure these questions are asked with the best of intentions, however they do not deliver the intended result. Even the […]

Top Talent versus Top Available Talent (JMOs)

A common frustration in both business and in yacht racing is finding and retaining top talent. For the first two events of a race series I participated in earlier this year, I benefited from a team of top sailing talent put together by my sail maker friend, Glenn. Those guys made me look great! We […]

Case Study: Your Future with Rowan Companies

Rowan seeks to diversify their workforce by engaging the transitioning military demographic.  See how Bradley-Morris, Inc. assists. The company is expanding operations into the ultra-deep water market in 2013 as they build four new drill ships that house 200 employees apiece creating a need to fill potentially 800 positions. While some positions will be filled […]