5 Points for Picking a Military Focused Firm

Partnering with a military focused recruitment firm is a significant business decision and one that should not be taken lightly. With an economic boost causing the U.S. to place a greater focus on hiring, (specifically hiring military), the landscape has become more complicated (competitive). This is a good thing for military talent but makes it […]

How to leverage a military hiring expert

One of my main hobbies is being out on a boat. As an avid sailor / racer, I am constantly working to increase my knowledge of the sport and the performance of my boat, sails and associated equipment. However, as anyone who has been involved in any type of in-depth endeavor knows, it is impossible […]

How to develop a military hiring plan

More companies than ever are putting a focus on hiring military. This is great news for both industry and for veterans. American industry needs good people, however, if a company doesn’t plan for it, qualified veterans are often missed in the hiring process. With more companies investing time and resources into sourcing and hiring military, […]

How Hiring Military Veterans Helps Your Company Save Money – Part 2: Staffing Hard-to-Fill International Positions and Assignments

Many military veterans have lived and worked abroad during their military careers, and may be more receptive to your company’s international assignments than the average candidate. The military has assignments in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, Australia, and Africa. All service members who serve overseas are provided training on the local culture. A […]

How Hiring Military Veterans Helps Your Company Save Money – Part 1: No-cost Relocation to Where the Job Is

Did you know that service members separating from active military duty (due to retirement or end of their contracted service commitment) receive a one-time, government paid relocation to any where in the U.S? This means you can interview a service member at a military job fair in San Diego, California and offer him a position […]

Let a Flat Daddy Show You Care

Another fantastic suggestion that originates from Elaine Dumler’s book “I’m Already Home…Again –  Keeping Your Family Close While On Assignment or Deployment“, is a Flat Daddy(TM).  Since many deployments last anywhere from 6 months to 15 months, children of service members lose a sense of connection to the deployed parent.  A Flat Daddy is a […]

Supporting Mobilized Employees

Do you have employees who also serve in the Guard or Reserve?  These days it’s often not a question of “if” but “when” they  will be mobilized for military service.  You probably also have employees who are married to military members or who are the parent of a young service member.  You may be wondering […]